Trading with timing

Price for students and teachers

The price for an academic license is 50% off ordinary price.
Enter the discount code "ACADEMIC" to get the discount when ordering.


Stockhelp Advanced 2019 v2.6 new license including 1 year free upgrades
495 kr inclusive VAT (moms).

Upgrade from registrered Stockhelp Advanced  (bought after 2018-02-23)

Upgrade from registrered Stockhelp Advanced  (bought before 2018-02-23)
295 kr inclusive VAT (moms).

You can certify that you are a student or teacher according to one of the following options:

a)    Enter your e-mail address at the school when ordering.

b)    Submit any kind of documentation to : Scanned copy of Student Card or ID Card.

c)    If you are a teacher and if the institution's website present employees; Submit your link as proof.

d)    If you can not prove that you are eligible for an academic license under steps a-c above, submit any other type of documentation that you consider to be proof to