Trading with timing

If the program crashes, you may be prompted to send an error report. The error report helps us to see where in the code the crash occurred. However, in only approximately every five cases an error report is enough for us to fix the problem.

Try to repeat the error Tell us if you could repeat the error. It is useful to know if the error only happened once and you could not make it happen again, or if it happens every time, or if it happens at certain occasions but not others. If we can not repeat the error, it is very difficult for us to find the root cause of the error.

Include specific steps Describe the exact order of the steps you take that leads to the problem. Also tell us which securities/indicators that are shown. Please send a screenshot just before the error occurs and tell us what you clicked on when the error occurred.

Example of a BAD error report "The program crashed when I tried to view a security".

Example of a GOOD error report "I had a chart window side by side with a quote list. I clicked on Microsoft in the quote list and then the application crashed. If I choose other stocks in the quote list, the program do not crash. I can repeat the error."

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